WordPress application hacked (and how to recover!)

8 January 2024 | Managed WordPress

In this article series I describe everything we did to recover a customer’s hacked WordPress application platform. You’ll learn what tasks have priority and how you can recover the hacked installation. You’ll get to see examples of malicious code that was injected as we do forensic research. Finaly we explain what do to up your security and we’ll give you some guides on what to do from a business perspective to avoid this in the future.

Wordpress application hacked (and how to recover)


1. Immediate damage control

After you’ve detected your platform or website has been compromised you have a lot of work ahead. There are steps to consider for later, but there’s also things you need to do before anything else. In this post you can read what needs to be done immediately and what can be done in parrallel or at a later date.

WordPress application hacked 1/4 – Immediate damage control


2. How to recover the platform

Once you’ve set the first things in motion, you’ve got the biggest chunk of work ahead of you. Don’t worry! This article describes the necessary steps and what to look out for.

WordPress application hacked 2/4 – How to recover the platform


3. In-depth forensics, tech tricks and backdoors

In the previous post you could read about the most effective way to recovery your platform after it was hacked. Do you need to acquire specific forensic evidence or do you want to learn more about how hacking actually works? This article looks at malicious code injections and how they are executed to maintain backdoors. You will also get tools to quickly get to the bad actors in your setup.

WordPress application hacked 3/4 – In-depth forensics, tech tricks and backdoors


4. Business strategy and security

If you got to this post, you probably recovered and concluded you don’t want this again. In this articles you can read what tools you can implement to tighten your security. Next to that you also get to learn practices on how to improve the surrounding busines processes and pointers on a strategy to avoid this in the future.

WordPress application hacked 4/4 – Business processes and security


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